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 The failure of liberalism

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PostSubject: The failure of liberalism   Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:23 am

I take this post from Cassandra on fmotl.

The failure of liberalism

by cassandra » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:48 pm
Political Correctness is part of the liberal bleeding heart mentality which has created the very circumstances necessary for the rise of the tyrant and the application of Draconian laws and punishments – to everyone.
Just as with the time of Hitler and others, the ordinary people are welcoming this across the length and breadth of Europe. They will provide the tough answers to our legitimate fears. They promise strong government to a people who feel threatened, a return to the certainty of personal safety under the rule of law and vouchsafe of strong action against the enemies who brought that fear. Islam and Muslims.
The 21st century versions of Nationalist demagogues raising the angry power of the people and Hitler’s Brown shirts patrolling streets is building fast and patience and tolerance diminishing with equal rapidity.
The failure of liberalism and the misery it has caused, and continues to cause, will ensure the popular rise of modern Hitlers and Stalins. We will all pay the price of this for several generations to come.
The loss of freedoms and the rise of the police state, government snooping, security checks everywhere intruding into our lives in the most intimate of ways, four million cctv cameras in Britain; all this and much more is the direct result of the Islamic attack on the twin towers on 9/11 and the tens of thousands of terror attacks across the world since. Our freedoms, our ways of life, our expectations to live in peace with one another, to walk our own streets with no fear, have been un-recoverably changed by them. Those days of uncaring ease will never return. This is the gift of Islam to the world - fear, horror, terror and endless oppression.
For those of you who still want to maintain that it's because we're bombing the shit out of their countries let me ask this. What countries? Islamic terror did not start just a few years ago – it has been with us for centuries. Read the histories for god's sake, and stop bleating about the poor Muslims and attacking yourselves for their sakes. Muslims are monsters because Islam demands they be so.
Every so-called Islamic country was made Islamic by war, conquest, misery and murder. There is no such thing as a traditional Islamic country. Not even Saudi Arabia. Not even Mecca. That was conquered and the people massacred by the first Muslims. Read the Muslim's own histories for the truth of it. They brag and boast of their treachery.
There is no such thing as a traditional Muslim land. There are only conquered nations and ruined peoples who have lived in dark ages oppression under a religious delusion controlled by generations of murderous primitive men.

We had ten crusades a thousand years ago to recover lands and countries and peoples conquered and enslaved by Islam.
Islam has invaded Europe 548 times. Killed an estimated 270 million Europeans and taken an estimated ten million women and children into slavery. Up until the 1800s they slave raided all of the coasts of Europe and even took a whole English village – every single occupant – and carried them away into slavery. Read your history, god damn it, then come and tell me that you have sympathy for them.

“The Koran – an accursed book - while there is that book the world can never know peace.” William Gladstone, three times PM of England.


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Re: The failure of liberalism

by cassandra » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:00 pm
The main reason for the failure of Liberalism is that Liberal do-gooders live in the Politically Correct fantasy that we are all the same, that our only difference is skin colour and any who object must be objecting on that basis. Skin colour is the obsession of PC and, unlike many others of us, they cannot get beyond it and see another reality. They live in the global elite hive-mentality and believe that we can apply western standards, western morality and western secular liberalism based on a rational intellectual understanding developed through centuries of discussion, religious revolutions that removed the powers of the church, and intelligent debate balanced with commonly accepted humanitarian values to a people who cling to dark ages superstitions and whose values are utterly and violently opposed to ours. Their religion punishes with death any attempt to change that. Even among educated westerners with a more or less homogeneous culture and education this application of so-called humanitarian equality doesn't work. We are not all the same and we never can be.
Stand up the man who will tell me that western secular people are the same as Muslims who can thus be treated with the tolerance and forbearance of western values and morals.
I say again: war against us is written into the core fundamentals of Islam, and the destruction of all that is non Islamic is a divine commandment which all good Muslims obey. Any attempt to change that is met with death by their fellow Muslims. As we have seen in Syria, good Muslims (ISIS) are killing bad Muslims (non jihadi stay-at-homes) because they are not Muslim enough. Just how do you think they see you, the ritually unclean unbeliever whom Allah has commanded them to destroy?
Imams in Britain are calling for religious tolerance from us while their brothers, in all their fanatical and murderous religious intolerance, kill and burn Christians and others in Islamic countries and their governments and police are helpless to intervene or prosecute because they are only applying their Sharia law and practising their religion. When they burn churches and kill Christians they break no law of Islam and are thus above even the mildest criticism or reproach.
When the so-called 'English' Muslim (actually a low intellect, inbred, highly aggressive and probably half insane Pakistani who unfortunately happens to live in England) travelled to Scotland to murder by stabbing to death a fellow Muslim because he wished his customers in Glasgow a happy Easter he was unrepentant. He stabbed the man 18 times for saying "Happy Easter" to non Muslims. Supporters outside the court when he was sentenced praised him and called him a hero. This is your Islam, and the PC Brigade of Fools think they can integrate them into western society! By the way, do you think that the thousand Muslim march in London the other day calling for the Caliphate to be installed here have your best interests at heart? My God, how we have fallen into a deep madness!

Freedom is not ours to give away - it is the right of all generations to come.
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The failure of liberalism
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