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 Shaman Frequency Lock-Out

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PostSubject: Shaman Frequency Lock-Out   Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:09 am

Shaman Frequency Lock-Out

As marvelously “healthy” as garlic may be, according to the pundits, it has dramatic and immediately catastrophic consequences in consuming it. This catastrophic aspect is permanent in its destruction of brain cells and, thankfully, temporary in its shut-down of the shaman frequency.

Garlic dissociates the two hemispheres of the brain, leaving us unable to tune in to the 7.8 Hz frequency which is the operating frequency of all shamanic activity. This is the alpha/theta border - the hypnogogic state between waking and sleeping in which we access that which is outside of our physical selves and beyond our immediate knowledge base. 'Remote viewers' use this frequency, and it lends credibility to Rupert Sheldrake's theory of the morphogenic field and the holographic world. For several days after consuming garlic, this frequency is unavailable to us no matter how well versed we may be in entering it and no matter how hard we try.

Most of us have, I believe, experienced that feeling of falling just as we drop off to sleep. This is the alpha/theta border, and the point at which we enter the shamanic state. In this condition we can heal ourselves, others, and things – no matter the physical distance between us – do remote viewing and other highly interesting stuff.

I discovered this by pure accident many years ago while completing my nightly physical training discipline. The last exercise of this discipline was to lie on the floor in savasana, the corpse position, or pose of complete relaxation. During this, one night, I found myself in the shamanic state. I should say that, at this time, I had never even heard of shamanic states. It was momentarily terrifying and I leapt to my feet in alarm. After a few moments thought I decided to lie down and see if it re-occurred. It did, almost immediately. A pure tyro, I went looking to see what I was doing, investigating the experience. A great number of surprises awaited me.

Sometime later I suffered multiple severe injuries, including serious head injuries and found, when I tried, that I could not enter this state. For some time I put this down to the injuries, and thought that my brain chemistry, or the architecture of the brain had been changed by bridging, or some eloctrobiochemical imbalance was going on. I also thought that it was because I was smoking industrial quantities of the heinous weed, marijuana, and I would have to give up this marvelous past-time which had been my crutch through years of recovery and rejection of pharmaceuticals. Also, I blamed the chronic post traumatic stress disorder on my inability to relax sufficiently to enter this longed for state of being. A change in my diet did not occur to me.

When my good buddy Mike Sapper turned me on to the Bob Beck Protocols and I healed from the PTSD, I was able to discount that as a source of my failures. That left brain changes - and my beloved weed. Merde, I thought, I'm going to have to give it up! However, on revisiting the protocols I discovered the bit about garlic being a deadly poison, being banned in ashrams and even on board Scientology ships. Thus, I began to detox and remove the garlic from my system and my life. Alas, failure still haunted me and I reluctantly began to accept the 'fact' that my brain had been irrevocably damaged/changed and I would never again be a healer or other-realm traveler or, sadly, I must abandon the blessed herb.

I had been eating almost nothing but raw food for several weeks and, one night, I bit into a mini pork pie and instantly – before I even hit the meaty bit – I tasted garlic. Disgusted, I threw it in the bin. Moments later I had a head rush of no small proportions! Mike called and I told him about the mini pork pie adventure. He laughed uproariously and asked if I had had the head rush. Damn tootin', I said. We laughed together because he had had the same head rush experience. After that I began to look more closely at ingredients and found that the stuff is everywhere! Worcester sauce; brown sauce; sausage rolls and pies and much more. This explained why people said to me that they did not generally eat garlic and, when they did eat it, they did not get the head rush. Well, the truth is that they all eat garlic – they just do not know it. Take it out of your diet completely for a couple of weeks then try just the tiniest, tiniest touch of it on your tongue. I guarantee a head rush of the unpleasant kind.

I know people who have been trying to meditate for decades and getting nowhere. I know others, to whom I have taught the technique, who desire to enter the shamanic state and find it impossible. The answer is garlic. I have had several days detoxing from the last inadvertent consumption of the stuff, two mighty days of no wonderful weed, and hope to re-enter this most natural and wonderful condition as a result.

I regard the shamanic state as the birthright of all humanity. It is our natural condition, and I believe that the inability to enter it is a greater handicap than the loss of limbs, eyesight or any other sense. The five senses are minor affairs compared to that state of being and we are, almost all of us, locked out of it by garlic. Imagine what you could do with remote viewing, for example. Nothing could be hidden from you. No disease or illness is beyond your ability to heal. You can expand outward and pervade any area, any thing you care to. No secret bankster and politicians meeting could be hidden from your knowledge.

John Lash (metahistory.org and author of Not In His Image) has raised the concept, and expressed his determination to pursue it, that he will find a way, in this state, to kill the very psychopaths who are busy murdering us by the million. I do not know if we would be 'allowed' to commit such an act in the shamanic state. Perhaps we could. We could certainly enter their meetings, rooms, safes, look at documents, and so on and discover their secrets. We could reveal these publicly and short circuit their intent. We could locate suppressed technologies and informations and spread the knowledge far and wide. This I shall definitely attempt. I don't think I have any interest in murdering them – even if it were possible. John Lash, like so many others, is angry, but I 'feel' that this very anger is a barrier to understanding the true nature of the matter.

He says, possibly correctly and possibly not, that “if one can heal then one can kill”. My experience is that, in healing, no intent is necessary. We do not have to think about what is being done – it simply happens. We enter the state and draw the other into our portion of the field and, in this way, their field is rectified and they are made whole again. I think that when we enter this state to do healing we simply bring to the disrupted morphogenic field of the 'patient' a 'rightness' which rectifies the disruption causing the illness/injury. When true healing has taken place both parties feel elated. Wholesome.

I do not think that we can be anything other than in a state of perfect equilibrium, perfect harmony, with Gaia, when we access the shamanic frequency, and through this we rectify others' disrupted morphogenic field. The psychopaths are part of this whole field. No less an expression of it than we. How can we hurt ourselves? I believe it to be more likely that a moderation of the psychopathy could occur, rather than a deliberate destruction of a part of the living expression of the totality of the Gaian morphogenic/holographic field. It may be that psychopathy itself is a disruption in the personal expression of the field which can be ameliorated or rectified by joining the healthy expression with the faulty one. That which is right is more powerful than that which is wrong, and that which is wrong will, perforce, change. How could healing work otherwise?

In Taoist and Zen literature there are examples of this very thing, where a master takes on the mad bad characteristics of a sick earth, or person, by becoming one with it/him and then heals it/him by returning to himself again. We will only really know when we get out there and see how it all works. I know from personal experience that there a multitude of capacities awaiting us. Perhaps we are only limited by our imagination.

For me, and for the two people I have successfully transmitted the technique to, it works like this:
We allow ourselves to relax for sleep. At the exact instant in the hypnogogic state when we feel that 'falling' sensation, we draw our consciousness back from sleep to fully awake but without any physical, muscular reactions. The slightest tension in any muscle, and I mean any muscle, prevents the state occurring. You must draw the mind back and leave the body as inert as a dead thing.
Lift a hand, flick a finger, or move the smallest muscle anywhere when you are in that state and you will leave it immediately and come back to the ordinary world. It took long practice for me to move one part of my body while keeping the shamanic state intact.
The Taoist adage “In trying to get it - you don't get it. In not trying to get it - you get it.” applies here.

Once that first access has been achieved it becomes easier and easier to recognise the moment and to go through what I used to call “The Magic Door”. The surge of energy which precedes it becomes less difficult to accept passively and the state becomes easier and easier to enter. You know when you are there – there can be no mistake! When you are there, if for some reason you wonder where, say, your hand is – you have to go looking for it.

I can't say for certain, but I am of the opinion that being locked out of the shamanic frequency has allowed us to be conquered so easily and held in bondage. With access to that frequency, and the use of it, we could not be so easily bamboozled and subjugated. It's a thought.

If I am correct in this then the near future holds some interesting developments.
If John Lash is correct, then strange deaths may occur.
If many more of us do this trip successfully – who knows what incredible things may be achieved?

Kind regards, Musashi.

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PostSubject: Garlic's Poisonous Ingredient.   Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:52 am

The ingredient in garlic which makes it a deadly poison, when it gets into the blood, is a chemical called

It passes the blood brain barrier, through the corpus Callosum and poisons both hemispheres of the brain.

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Shaman Frequency Lock-Out
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