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 The Microcosm and Macrocosm

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PostSubject: The Microcosm and Macrocosm   Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:11 am

[19:34:12] Yoda: The Microcosm and the Macrocosm

By James Gilliland

Before reading this article I want to inform you that it will be met in as many
ways as there are people. If it is not your coat don't wear it, yet if it
triggers something then it very well might be your coat. The Earth and the
entire solar system are undergoing extreme energetic changes. The Earth is being
hit with up to 500 energy bursts a day from cosmic origins, we are entering a
highly energized place in space, there is an alignment with Galactic core
subjecting us to extreme magnetic wave fluctuations. The Sun is pumping out one
solar flare after another. We just went through X class flares followed by
several M class flares. These affect the bio electric fields around the human
body, the mental and emotional bodies. When monkeys were subjected to
fluctuations in the magnetic fields they exhibited behavior from comatose to
self-mutilation. Have you watched the headlines lately? This influx of energy is
also making the unknown, known. All that which was hidden is coming to the
surface, the deep wounds, traumas from past life and childhood as well as a
history of skullduggery is all being revealed and surfacing. No rock is being
left unturned and karma is almost becoming instant.

People are unique and everyone is experiencing these energies differently mostly
depending on the wounds, traumas, and karma they are carrying. There are those
who are so deeply wounded with week minds who are not spiritually advanced which
will take the downward spiral. A noted psychologist said those who are deeply
wounded, carrying pain, which turns to anger will shift into selfishness and
narcissism. Self-righteous condescending judgment and isolation will follow. The
pain and anger will be displaced, blame and projection follows along with case
building and trying to find allies against fictitious enemies, people they
displace their pain and anger upon. This will usually be a parental or authority
figure. This is the downward spiral and usually ends in separation, tragedy or

There are those who have strong minds, are spiritually advanced which can
overcome the pain, anger, wounds and traumas of the past, take full
responsibility and do not blame or project using the power within to heal and
release the past. Displacing, projecting, blaming puts the event outside of self
from which one has little power to heal or change the experience. Reactionary
mind is a drop in the sea of consciousness compared to creationary mind.
Creationary mind gains the wisdom from the experience, forgives releases the
past and begins to create a brighter future. Reactionary mind is caught in an
endless loop or cycle because having not gone within and healed, the situation
continues to magnetize people and events around the same pain, anger, wounds and
traumas. It is the universe bringing to you what you need to heal and
creationary mind says what a wonderful thing. Reactionay mind says I will get
that S.O.B next time they will pay followed by a list of judgments,
condemnations etc. This is also followed by the egos self-righteous exaltation
of self, having nothing to do with the experience with more case building and
justification of an exterior enemy.

This next part is very tricky. You have no control over another's beliefs,
chosen reality or action other than if it is trespassing uninvited into your
reality. You cannot instill want into another being or heal another being that
does not want to heal. You can however set some firm boundaries if necessary.
The key word is uninvited.

There are simple basics; which need to be lived if we are going to evolve.
Universal, Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Freedom and Prosperity for all without
creating dependencies and honoring the Creator in all Creation the sacred circle
of life are universal principles by which to live. The problems occur when our
pain bodies take over and shift into selfish narcissism, displacement of the
pain and anger on others or isolation as our psychologist friend has warned us.
We have to be brutally honest with ourselves and see where we are in this

Are we working from Creationary mind, healing and releasing the past, gaining
the wisdom from experiences or reactionary mind displacing, blaming, projecting
continuously drawing to you people and events to validate your pain and anger.
Are we ready to see things in a different light, choose not to participate in
the endless victim, savior, persecutor wheel and start creating according to
universal law? Are we trespassing uninvited into areas we do not belong and
what would happen if we used that same energy to create love, joy and abundance?
It is all about where you focus, what you expend your energies upon which
sometimes means setting boundaries and choosing not to participate in things
which drain your energy and take you on the downward spiral. With the new
energies we do not have the luxury of indulging in our pain bodies and
reactionary mind much longer. The Earth is evolving, ascending the only choice
now is; are we going to evolve with her or take the downward spiral ending in
experiencing life elsewhere. A good teacher is nature. We just went through
Snowpocolypse here in the Northwest. Freezing rain, endless snow, rain, high
winds etc. The land looked like Godzilla came up the highway into Trout Lake and
down every road leaving a trail of snapped telephone poles, trees, and dead
branches. I noticed some trees snapped in half, some died, some are healing,
recovering; some weathered the storm, stood tall and strong, bent with the winds
and freezing rain. Lots of dead branches were removed. This is the macrocosm of
what we as individuals are experiencing. There is help on high if we choose to
surrender to it and initiate it yet it cannot work through reactionary mind or
trespass on free will. Not my will but thine is a great mantra. Thine is the
higher self, the God within and the beautiful many Saints, Sages, Angels and
Ultradimensionals in service to the Creator in all Creation.

Be well,
James Gilliland

Permission granted to distribute far and wide.

I will make no subscription to their paradise.
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The Microcosm and Macrocosm
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