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 People Power

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PostSubject: People Power   Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:49 am

People Power – Lawful Rebellion
Evil prospers when good men do nothing
Edmund Burke- Philosopher circ 1700
It is as true as ever that it is the responsibility and indeed the duty of good men and women who have the benefit of understanding what is going wrong with our communities, to DO SOMETHING.
We understand that greed and corruption, permeates our institutions of governance and professional groups, enmeshing segments of the police, the judiciary, social services, the legal profession, the court system, public services, the military and without any doubt the political establishment etc.
The irony and our misfortune......is that the majority of good men and women working for these same institutions are almost entirely oblivious to the corruption hidden amongst them- they seem so engrossed in the drudgery of their daily lives that their eyes remain firmly shut – unable to see the corruption.... never mind challenge it.
The ‘network’ of corruption (insidious groupings that meet and plan behind closed doors) impacts upon us all.... it affects our individual and family lives... the way we are governed, the price of our food and petrol, the education of our children, our health, our wealth and our happiness. We are being corporatized down to our very souls. It rains on our own soil and foreign corporations sell our own water to us. We build and pay for our own infrastructure through our taxes only to have these sold off for a song to foreign companies who then fleece us with their charges. International bankers, and not our own government, produce our money supply leaving them free to profit excessively at our expense.
We are being oppressed by an ever increasing mountain of petty rules and regulations devised by people who do not even live amongst us... we are taxed excessively and unreasonably... we are persecuted by unreasonable speeding and parking fines, litter patrols, political correctness, and a nanny state mentality. An army of bureaucrats tell us what ‘they’ think we can and cannot do or say or even think... they intrude into our lives like parasites and with a persistence that irks us every waking hour of every day. They would permeate our dreams if they could develop the technology to do so.
They will not leave us alone to live our lives freely and happily...
We ‘THE PEOPLE’ have a right to govern ourselves and not be governed by a foreign unelected elite.
We have a right to expect honesty, integrity and openness from those we elect to govern us.
We have a right to expect that our courts will deliver to us fair justice.
We have a right to hold our judges, the police, bureaucrats and politicians to account.
We have a right to expect light-touch and reasonable regulations.
We have a right to expect our police officers to treat us with respect and serve our needs, not kettle us, hit us with sticks, shoot us with high voltage and spray our faces with gas when we protest lawfully.
We have a right to be heard and responded to.
We have a right to control our own money supply.
We have a right to demand that our children not be socially engineered in our schools.
We have a right to expect our common law be upheld.
We have a right to take the health foods that we want without nanny state interference.
We have a right to expect that our government recognise and defend our constitution.
And we have a right to LAWFULLY REBEL when our leaders do not obey OUR laws and OUR customs.

I will make no subscription to their paradise.
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holy vehm


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PostSubject: Re: People Power   Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:28 am

I subsribe to that brother
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People Power
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