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PostSubject: IS ORGANIC FOOD A CONTROL MECHANISM SCAM?   Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:39 pm

The following is taken from my Cyclopedia.
“We have spoken of soils as consisting mostly of sand, lime, and clay, with certain saline and organic substances in smaller and varying proportions; but the examination of the ashes of plants shows that a fertile soil must of necessity contain an appreciable quantity of at least eleven different substances, which in most cases exist in greater or less relative abundance in the ash of cultivated plants; and of these the proportions are not by any means immaterial. In general, the soils which are made up of the most various materials are called alluvial; having been formed from the depositions of floods and rivers. Many of them are extremely fertile.
Soils consist of two parts; of an organic part, which can readily be burned away when the surface-soil is heated to redness; and of an inorganic part, which remains fixed in the fire, consisting of earthy and saline substances from which, if carbonic acid or any elastic gas be present, it may, however, be driven by the heat.
The organic part of soils is derived chiefly from the remains of vegetables and animals which have lived and died in and upon the soil, which have been spread over it by rivers and rains, or which have been added by the industry of man for the purposes of increased fertility. This organic part varies much in quantity, as well as quality, in different soils. In peaty soils it is very abundant, as well as in some rich, long cultivated lands. In general, it rarely amounts to one-fourth, or 25 per cent. even in our best arable lands. Good wheat soils contain often as little as eight parts in the hundred of organic animal or vegetable matter; oats and rye will grow in a soil containing only 1 1/2 per cent.; and barley when only two or three parts per cent. are present.
The inorganic portion of any given soil, again, is divisible into two portions; that part which is soluble in water, and thus easily taken up by plants, and a much more bulky portion which is insoluble.
Sir Humphrey Davy found the following to be the composition of a good productive soil. In every 9 parts, 8 consisted of siliceous sand; the remaining (one-ninth) part was composed, in 100 parts, as follows:
Carbonate of lime (chalk) 63 grains.
Pure silex 15 grains.
Pure alumina, or the earth of clay 11 grains.
Oxide (rust) of iron 3 grains.
Vegetable and other saline matter 5 grains.
Moisture and loss 3 grains.
Thus the whole amount of organic matter in this instance is only 1 part in 200, or one-half of one per cent.; a fact which, in itself, would demonstrate the fallacy of supposing that decomposed animal and vegetable matter in the soil form the exclusive supply to growing plants.
In another instance, soil was taken from a field in Sussex, remarkable for its growth of flourishing oak trees. It consisted of 6 parts of sand, and 1 part of clay and finely-divided matter. One hundred grains of it yielded, in chemical language:-
Of silica (or silex) 54 grains.
Of alumina 28 grains.
Carbonate of lime 3 grains.
Oxide of iron 5 grains.
Vegetable matter in a state of decomposition 4 grains.
Moisture and loss 6 grains.
To wheat soils, the attention of the practical farmer will be most strongly directed. An excellent wheat soil from West Drayton, in England, yielded 3 parts in 5 of silicious sand; and the remaining two parts consisted of carbonate of lime, silex, alumina, and a minute proportion of decomposing animal and vegetable remains. Of these soils, the last was by far the most, and the first the least, coherent in texture. In all cases, the constituent parts of the soil which give tenacity and stiffness, are the finely-divided portions, and they possess this quality in proportion to the quantity of alumina (or earth of clay) they contain.”

This being the scientific case, what's the problem with putting nitrates and phosphates, for example, onto crops?
What do we gain and lose by the destruction of industrial farming? Is organic farming really better? Is the destruction of industrial farming part of AGENDA 21 depopulation programme which says that industrial farming is not sustainable, nor irrigation for that matter? Why not? Or is it the removal of industry behind industrial farming and population control?

If the soil of our food crops is 99.5% inorganic, in some places, if the whole amount of organic matter is only 1 part in 200, or one-half of one per cent, why is organic farming so bolshie about being better? All plants thrive on inorganics!
What makes it organic anyway? They did not spray it with some chemical pesticide and they did not put down any chemical fertilisers on the land.
Well, as 99.5 % of the growing medium is inorganic what would be the problem of adding inorganic matter?
As for spraying crops it would seem a simple matter to wash the little buggers before you cook and eat them. So, wash them and do you have organic vegetables? I'd say YES. I buy ordinary veg and ozonate it when I get home. I grow veg in my garden and I ozonate that as well. Ozonating destroys, hormone, chemical and pesticide residue and if the chemical spray is ozonated or washed off a veg which has grown happily in inorganic matter – what the hell is the problem?

The agricultural revolution is one of the major factors which allowed the human population to grow, to attain a food security lacking in most other parts of the world and, since that time, we have seen very, very few famines – unlike many other cultures and peoples to this very day.
Another very important thing was allowed by industrial, scientific farming:
Men were released from the toil for food and could concentrate on other, non food producing matters such as chemistry, mathematics, philosophy, medicine and all the other subjects that make us what we are with what we have. Compare the developed west to the developing nations with low life expectancy, poor health, poverty and so on.

I'd really like people to look at this raw idea and get back to me to discuss it. Shoot it down or expand on it. The whole organic movement seems to me to be a scam, a lie, and maybe needs a wee bit of research to see who is really behind it all. Could it be Charlie Big Ears? He is after all in charge, so it is said, of AGENDA 21. So it is said, and when my pal Eddy confronted him in Glastonbury last year about AGENDA 21 he blanched and turned away.
So, just for change, how about actually replying to something I put up here. It would be so nice to know I am not alone.

In 1962, Rachel Carson, a prominent scientist and naturalist, published Silent Spring, chronicling the effects of DDT and other pesticides on the environment but, after a massive movement had developed around it, later declared that her outlook, her prognosis, had been overly pessimistic and wrong. Like some others, Freud, Darwin, Greer, Thatcher, who severely damaged society and culture, she later repudiates her own work but only after taking the money and the glory and does absolutely nothing to reverse or ameliorate its effects. Nor does she hand back the money she made from it! Crocodile tears from cold hearted bitches and lying bastards.

I'm aware that the organic movement began at the turn of the twentieth century when industrial farming began to take off and it was a reaction against modernism, but the fact that governments across the world are pushing it should raise warning flags in our minds. I see AGENDA 21, DEPOPULATION, THE LIMA DECLARATION and the EARTH CHARTER with its BIOSPHERE RESERVES  at work here.

Freedom is not ours to give away - it is the right of all generations to come.
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PostSubject: Re: IS ORGANIC FOOD A CONTROL MECHANISM SCAM?   Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:50 am

The Agricultural Revolution a couple of thousand years ago - keeping livestock, storing food etc, and the ability to produce food excess to requirements allowed some men to leave the vital food production life and specialise in diverse other subjects to develop the arts and sciences. Science and mechanisation are what differentiates us from so-called third world countries and what gives us a more secure and healthy life, living longer and having lower child mortality rates as well as higher diseases cured ratios and more stable societies and governments.

A settlement in one place meant a greater degree of cooperation was required and banding together in larger communities needed social rules, justice, government, a civil service and policing. Specialised Contract Law developed along with the Common Law agreed upon by all – neither of which existed before.

The Industrial Revolution advanced this state of affairs and the Enlightenment was one result of it.  Social Philosophers such as Adam Smith gave us economy of scale and the division of labour which allowed a great increase in production and further enriched the nation.

Parallel to the rise of industry runs the rise of education and the need for an educated workforce. The various education laws reflect the changing and growing needs of industry. The freeing of men from the need to produce food also freed the most active and creatively fertile minds and, as a result, we have all the labour saving devices we could ask for as well as a greater understanding of life, the universe and everything than hitherto possibly possessed by mankind.

The Second Agricultural Revolution at the turn of the twentieth century introduced mechanised equipment and scientific and chemical approaches to agriculture. This was when the reactionary forces of traditional landowners and farmers created the division we now know as The Organic Movement. Again this freed men from the land and Britain became the most powerful, most efficient and most productive farming nation on earth. To this day we have the smallest number in percentage terms of rural and farm workers of any non English-speaking nation.

The COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY suffocates the efficient, professional British farmers and bolsters with grants the inefficient part time European farmers and makes us importers of things we used to grow better than anyone.
The LIMA DECLARATION, 1975 de-industrialises Britain to the benefit of developing nations and destroys the agriculture and fishing industries which maintained the country.
EDUCATION continues to diminish in parallel with industrial needs being reduced – no factories, y'see, and higher education entails massive debt in a country with increasingly fewer resources and career opportunities. Hence the elimination of the apprenticeships scheme and the current need of foreign labour in so many areas.

All those things which allowed an increase in population, which built the strength and the prosperity of the people, have been removed from us by political design. Every government in Britain since the 1975 LIMA DECLARATION has been quietly and deliberately dismantling Britain.
The adoption of the U.N.'s AGENDA 21 with its ICLEI and the EARTH CHARTER'S REWILDING PROJECT with its BIOSPHERE RESERVES is the last steps in the dissolution of Britain as a powerful, independent sovereign nation and a reduction in the numbers of its people.
Khazarian Bankers have made Britain the world's first Fourth World Country.

Freedom is not ours to give away - it is the right of all generations to come.
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