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 Starving Britain

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PostSubject: Starving Britain   Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:36 pm

In 1936, Hitler's plan was to blockade Britain on all territorial borders and starve her into submission. Hence the U-boat war during world war 2. This can be read about on page 785 in Gordon Craig's book, Germany:1866 to 1945.

Britain has become a food importing nation and we import 80% of everything we need to survive. We can no longer feed ourselves. There are no crops in the ground. No fishing. We import apples, potatoes and even coal from Poland, for Christ's sake! The 1975 Lima declaration may thanked for this state of affairs.
There are only six food importing ports left in Britain and two of them have just closed down.

The Peel Group, which runs the port authority, is up to their necks in AGENDA 21 according to our research, as is ADM - Archer Daniel Midlands - which distributes most of the world's food.
Depopulationist, The Duke of Edinburgh, is a very heavy investor in them.
Peel group have permission to build fifty story high stack'em and pack 'em housing units in Liverpool waters. AGENDA 21 is alive and well.

Are we about to be starved down to the 27 million ideal population Adolph Hitler decided on? I think so. The OPTIMAL POPULATION TRUST agrees with Mr. Hitler on reducing our numbers and says that two out of three Britons must go.
David Attenborough is a staunch supporter of this policy. The bastard.



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Starving Britain
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