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 Maitrea Buddha Enlightment Centre

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PostSubject: Maitrea Buddha Enlightment Centre   Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:12 am

When I first came down to Glastonbury last Springtime, I strolled down the famous High Street just as any man may. I took in the sights in a relaxed, appalled kind of way. One of the first of these was the Maitreya Buddha Enlightenment Centre where one may, it seems, purchase enlightenment. I glanced in passing, smiled wryly but gently, and moved on.

In the course of my work here I met with Councilor John Cousins, an affable but somewhat misled man of gentle manner and sensitive outlook. He asked me what I thought of the MBEC mentioned here. I twisted my lips in answer, hoping not to be drawn into what could only be a sad recitation of forlorn hopes and cynical offerings. Not to be denied his answer in words, he persisted. What's wrong with it, he asked, surprised. I said that they have huge signs in the windows of their double fronted building announcing to all that they have CCTV in operation. Indeed, these signs dwarf all other signs in their windows.
They have valuable objects, he said.
Precisely, I countered.

It is said that, to he who knows, a single glance is enough - to he does not know a thousand books will not suffice.

Several days later. one of the ladies who had been with us at the time asked me what I had meant. I explained.
The path of the Buddha teaches that 'desire' is the root of all unhappiness in man. He taught that 'attachment' keeps us bound to the cycle of birth and rebirth.
In this case, what can the proprietors of the MBEC have to offer given that it is a fact that one can only give what one has? When questioned why he had blessed someone who had reviled him, Jesus replied that he could spend only of what he had in his purse.

What, then, do they have in their purse? What can they teach? The inner is revealed by the outer, as we know, and examination of this easily reveals the inner content.

They can teach only what they themselves have learned, and what they have learned is to desire valuable objects and to fear their loss. They have learned to fear the desire for material gain which may be present in others and which may lead to material loss in their own lives. They have, accordingly, learned to distrust and suspect others who patronise their business in the vain hope of achieving enlightenment, and whose not inexpensive fees are the very base of their own means of supplying their existential needs.

All of the preceding here is ego-based and absolutely contrary to the teachings of the Buddha. It is a glaring, neon bright declaration of the lack of capacity in those who, by the very nature of their business, claim capacity. It demonstrates with Aristotelian certainty that critical self observation is lacking in even the very minor and basic matter of left brain logic. Socrates 101 would be helpful to them.
Their continued existence is a testament to the equal lack of capacity in those who seek their guidance. In this regard i would refer you to some of the contents of my earlier post "Ramblings of a Madman".

This desire, distrust and fear of loss is what they can teach.
They can also teach the 'desire to teach' - which, by the way, is a test; and that enlightenment is a commercial commodity with which one may trade. Ergo ego.

If one finds it necessary or useful to display physical representations (idols) of one's beliefs (lack of knowing) or dedication (faith and hope) to a master of a particular Path, why must that thing be valuable? It is the meaning behind the representation which is important, is it not? Is the gold, jewel-encrusted crucifix more potent in conveying meaning than a simple wooden version? A few lines and squiggles should suffice to convey meaning - as is so beautifully and marvelously done in Haiku.
Why must it be constructed of 'materially valuable' materials which require guarding, engender fears of loss and powerful desires for possession? Is this not to be bound up in Samsara, that very prison from which they claim to teach how to escape?

And what came before the installation of CCTV and the giant warning signs? First there was the desire for valuable objects to satisfy the demands of ego. Then there was fear of loss. Then came discussions on valuable objects and their potential loss to those who would come to seek enlightenment and steal them and how they might be protected. Then a decision was made to expend finance on CCTV and accompanying monitoring systems in case a seeker after truth stole their valuable objects. Perhaps they fear successfully teaching others to desire valuable objects and the accompanying loss that might incur. Then there was the contract for the purchase and installation. It is an ongoing matter. I suspect they are doomed to service the needs of Samsara and the hidden master in their lives - beneath the saffron robe lies Mammon.

I'm sure it went on for some time and covered the many and varied multifaceted depths of human iniquity. It is a great pity that these discussions took place before the CCTV was installed. If they had a recording of them then they could sit and watch and learn so much about their own inner condition, its illogicality and its essentially humourless nature. There is a delicious irony here and a source of fun for the jaded soul who enjoys an exchange of letters.

Illogicality is rife among self styled seekers who fail to see that logic is a trap for the mind even while logic is often the only means of escape from the logic trap. Logically, this is so and deductive logic is a very basic tool. One need not be a seeker to employ it, nor be conversant in any particular school of thought.

It is said that false gold exists only because the real thing exists. One cannot, after all, imitate that which does not exist or would bother to forge that which has no value.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Buddhist Path, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who, in the Buddhist tradition, is to appear on Earth, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor of the historic Śākyamuni Buddha.

The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time when the Dharma will have been forgotten by most on Jambudvipa and is found in the canonical literature of all major Buddhist schools and is widely accepted as a statement about an event that will take place when the Dharma will have been mostly forgotten on Earth.

The Lone Ranger will ride again, it is said. Or Arthur, or the Seventh Cavalry, or maybe Baby Jesus. It could be the Once and Future King, or Little Gwion, or Gwydion, or Tammuz, or Llew Llaw Gyffes, or Cuchulain or Oisin or even the German Hercules never mind the Greek one. Maybe Mu;ad Dib! There are many more who could be named in this connexion and it could get pretty crowded if they all turn up!

The implication of this ancient tradition is that we need to be rescued by someone. The Messiah Complex is powerful dis-empowerment while it remains misunderstood as the astrotheological magician-priest-king matter that it really is. The sun will rise and the planting season will come around again without the need for jiggery-pokery - honest!


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Maitrea Buddha Enlightment Centre
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