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 2nd. Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials

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PostSubject: 2nd. Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials   Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:52 am


To whom it may concern/respondent
Served by

Attention all councilors.

1) Because you have failed to respond to an affidavit served on you on such a date, and because you have failed to dispute or disprove the contents and have not publicly entered into lawful rebellion, you are now believed to be in dishonour of your obligations under the treaty of Magna Carta, 1215, Chapter 61, and your office of town councillor is thus held in treason.
Any and all demands and actions made by you in execution of your office in support of the crown are therefore unlawful, and done in fraud, treason and misprision of treason.

2) This right of lawful rebellion exists because we would otherwise be slaves to the holder of the office (without the right to redress wrongs done to us by a malfeasant office holder) to whom we have loaned and invested our individual God-given sovereignty; in whom we repose our faith and our trust that they do right by the people who entrust such power and authority – which is to uphold the rights and freedoms and customs of the people and to maintain us in our ancient sovereignty, as sworn by solemn and public oath.

3) Because you have failed to respond to this first affidavit or declare your entry into lawful rebellion, you are now believed to be in breach of your obligations under Magna Carta and oath of office. Such oath is given to the office of the crown and the crown oath is given to the people. Thus, your oath is to the people through the medium of the office of the crown.
As the holder of the office of the crown is now in disrepute and the subject of lawful rebellion, your oath no longer carries authority and all power of signature is withdrawn from you. The continued use of such delegated power of signature is well defined in law as “fraud by misrepresentation”, a statutory offence which opens you, personally, to a commercial injury claim for damages by all parishioners currently under the aegis of Glastonbury Council and in addition to any other lawful action which may be taken against you.

4) Any claim you may make for continued lawful authority is supported only by those who are themselves acting in fraud, treason and misprision of treason, or ignorance, and who have, themselves, been divested of all authority by the procedure of Article 61.

5) Because there is a possibility that the complicated and extremely serious nature of my first affidavit to you requires greater consideration, and that you may need more time to reflect on its contents and its purport, I most sincerely offer you a second opportunity to examine and revise your apparent decision to uphold the crown in its unlawful actions against, and contrary to the wishes of, the people of this common law realm.

6) Accordingly, and for the avoidance of any doubt, I grant you a further three (3) days to consider the facts as presented in the first affidavit and to amend your position relative to them.

7) Failure to redress your fault in this matter will keep you outside the law of the common people, declare your intent on the destruction of their sovereign independence, freedoms, rights and customs, at the hands of a foreign power, viz; the EUROPEAN UNION, whose unlawful acts and statutes, rules and regulations, created and enforced by the unelected administrators and bureaucrats of this foreign power, daily oppress us to our great and continuing detriment and further reduce our ancient sovereignty and independence, eroding our rights, removing our customs and imposing summary justice in place of common law.

Cool Further, your continued fraud and misprision of treason against the people of this common law realm - which latter charge carries the dual penalty of life in prison and all wealth to be stripped forever from you - renders you liable to summary arrest and prosecution.

9) An arrest may be made by anyone.
There are maxims in common law which state;
It is a crime to conceal a crime and he who conceals a crime is guilty of the same crime.
It is a crime to fail to prevent a crime when the power to prevent exists, and that one is guilty of the same crime as though he himself had committed it.

10) CITIZEN’S ARREST: “An arrest by anyone other than a police officer. Such an arrest is lawful.” See Oxford Dictionary of Law, page 91. See also “Arrest” ibid, page 38.

11) Your response to this NOTICE of FAULT; to the original AFFIDAVIT of INFORMATION & INTENT, must be timely and appropriate, be made under oath, penalty of perjury and full commercial liability, signed dated and witnessed. Responses must be received at the above postal location within ten (10) days of receipt of this Notice and sent by Royal Mail special delivery for proof of receipt.
Failure to respond to my original affidavit, appropriately and timely, will be construed as your inability to refute, or otherwise disprove, the contents, confirm you in your unlawful state, and leave you open to the possibility of summary arrest and prosecution.

12) In entering into lawful rebellion you may retain office in service of the people whilst lawfully denying the means of support to the crown.

13) Reliance upon repeal, or amendment, of statute will be ineffective; such repeals and amendments affect only the statute introduced by Edward 1 in 1297 and not the treaty of 1215, which stands in perpetuity as part of our constitution. Articles of a treaty may not be unilaterally rescinded without returning to the state of affairs the treaty ended, and no article of any treaty may be rescinded by any who were not signatories.

14) Such unilateral rescission of articles of the treaty of 1215 has, in fact, taken place by Her Majesty’s rejection of the petition served by the Barons Committee. The renunciation of the terms of a treaty, which ended civil war between the crown and the people, returns the realm to a condition of internecine strife in which the people may, once again, lawfully remove the authority they invested in the presently malfeasant holder of the office of sovereign until such time as present wrongs have been righted.

15) The loss of authority of the sovereign office holder is reflected in all subsets of sovereign authority, such as councils, whose own authority and power of signature is derived from their oath to the people through the medium of the sovereign – that authority being removed from the holder of the office of sovereign removes authority from those who have taken oath under it. The servant of the servant is dismissed when the servant is dismissed.

16) The Magna Carta 1215 is a peace treaty - not statute - and is not, unlike the statute of Edward 1, amenable to unilateral repeal. The Statute of Edward 1 is a copy of the Magna Carta, written into statute form. The subsequent repeals and amendments of this statute affect only the statute. When the copy is altered, or destroyed, the original is unaffected.

17) The Magna Carta, in its original form, stands as law today just as it did in 1215, according to Jack Straw, MP, HM the Queen and the HOUSE OF LORDS – which is the highest court in the land. The obligations under the terms of this treaty have the same full force today as then. The procedure of lawful rebellion, as prescribed and enjoined in Chapter 61, remains intact, inviolable, lawful and obligatory.

18) The lawful authority for commencing the procedure of Chapter 61, lies in the rejection of the petition presented by the four Lords who announced at the time that “The conditions necessary to justify the protocol of Article 61 have been satisfied.”

19) You are commended and enjoined to make enquiries to any or all of these Lords regarding this most serious matter.

Autographed: Musashi


Freedom is not ours to give away - it is the right of all generations to come.
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2nd. Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials
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