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 Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials

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PostSubject: Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials   Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:51 am

Lawful Rebellion
Served by
To whom it may concern
This is an affidavit. It is not a letter. To treat this affidavit as a letter represents a serious risk to you personally. It may have serious consequences - the least of which may be charges of fraud. If you have difficulty in understanding it, then you are sincerely recommended to seek advice. This AFFIDAVIT OF INFORMATION & INTENT IN SUPPORT OF MAGNA CARTA is of the gravest of importance, and your full and immediate attention is necessary. It is sworn, under solemn oath, and attested by three (3) Free Men/Women of good standing and character.

1) MAGNA CARTA: Chapter 61 of the Magna Carta covers the subjects’ rights to appeal to a committee of Barons for redress against a tyrant.

2) In 1999, after several hundred thousand postcards were sent to Her Majesty, The Queen, urging her not to sign the TREATY OF NICE, a quorum of 65 peers, acting under the MAGNA CARTA, Chapter 61, selected 25 of their number to form such a committee. They were satisfied that the conditions required to justify the use of the procedure specified in Chapter 61 of the Magna Carta were established.

3) Four of these peers served the petition on Her Majesty on 7th February 2001, insisting that she should;
“Withhold the royal assent from any Parliamentary Bill which attempts to ratify the TREATY OF NICE unless and until the people of the UK have given their clear and specific approval; uphold and preserve the rights, freedoms and customs of your loyal subjects as set out in Magna Carta and the DECLARATION OF RIGHT, which you, our sovereign, swore before the nation to uphold and preserve in your coronation oath of June 1953.”
(The service of the Barons’ petition was reported in the Daily Telegraph on the 7th February 2001.)

4) These things she has conspicuously failed to do.

5) As a consequence of her failure to comply, all loyal subjects are required “Together with the community of the whole realm, distress and distrain us (the crown) in all possible ways, namely by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in other way they can, until redress has been obtained as they see fit,,,”

6) The fact that “The whole community of the realm” is obliged to support the Barons’ Committee, means that individual officials have no authority to issue demands in the name of the crown, and commit the statutory offence of “fraud by misrepresentation” if they try.

7) The courts have no authority to deny the subjects’ rights. Representatives of the crown may not breach the common law maxim that “No man may sit in judgement of his own cause.” It is for the Barons Committee to let us know when they are satisfied that redress has been obtained.

Cool The Barons Committee Procedure is based on the subjects’ common law right of “Duress of Circumstances” – we may commit minor crimes in order to prevent a worse one happening.

9) Transferring allegiance is not treason because the oaths of allegiance are to the office, not the holder.
10) Accordingly, as a loyal subject, I have entered into lawful rebellion, as demanded and required by Chapter 61 of Magna Carta, and as authorised by the Committee of Barons’ acting under Chapter 61. When redress, as determined by the Barons Committee, has been achieved, I will once again be a true and loyal subject to the holder of the office.

11) Until such a time may be reached, I require you, and all other council officials, employees, agents, and the like, to honour your obligation to enter lawful rebellion as per Chapter 61 of the Magna Carta; to honour this obligation on others, and to cease and desist all official demands for moneys, service, or obedience to any and all statute legislation disguised as law to, and by, any and all people in the common law realm of England, whether by yourself, other officials, other employees, agents and the like.

12) Any demand made by you, or any other official, employee, or their agents and the like in support of the crown will be rejected under Magna Carta, Chapter 61 and under “Duress of Circumstances.” There is a maxim in law which states: “Necessity is the highest form of law.”

13) Any such demand made by you or through you as agent, facilitator or the like, will be construed as “Fraud by Misrepresentation” at the very least, and may result in legal and lawful action against you personally.
Any documents you may serve in support of such action may be retained and used, where necessary, as evidence (including this affidavit and any response to it) in support of any charge or claim that may be made against you.

14) Your attention is drawn, once more, to the emboldened type in 5, 6 and 7.

15) You have ten (10) days from the date of service of this affidavit to refute, or otherwise disprove, the truth of law detailed within, your obligation to enter into lawful rebellion and to honour others’ right, obligation and requirement also so to do. These ten (10) days also give you opportunity to recant, enter into lawful rebellion as required and obliged, and to cease and desist from any and all demands in support of the crown.

16) Your failure to refute or otherwise disprove the contents as they stand, will be construed as your inability to do so and should you continue to act in an official capacity in support of the crown that you are knowingly acting unlawfully - in fraud, and in treason - when you continue to make demands on the loyal subjects of this common law realm, and attempt to enforce any action in support of the crown.

17) Your failure to respond will be construed as your tacit agreement that the contents of this affidavit are true and irrefutable.

18) All responses to this affidavit must be in the form of an affidavit, sworn under oath and penalty of perjury, on your full commercial liability, witnessed and signed, and to arrive at the above postal location within ten (10) days of receipt of this affidavit.
Should you enter into lawful rebellion, as you are required and obliged by law, to achieve redress as demanded by the people through the Barons Committee then amnesty is assured.

19) Sworn under solemn oath and autographed this day…………………………………………..by myself, Musashi………………………………


Freedom is not ours to give away - it is the right of all generations to come.
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Notice of Lawful Rebellion to Councils and Other Officials
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