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 Fluoride pushers

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Join date : 2012-01-30
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PostSubject: Fluoride pushers   Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:30 am

Fluoride salts used to treat hyperthyroid diseases right up to the nineteen fifties at about 2-4 mg. per day - less than we now get from drinking fluoridated water, juice, tea, and eating foods grown with fertilizer and pesticides. Thyroid diseases have grown exponentially but there is "no connection" or it is "not credible". Fluoride pushers deny that fluoride suppresses thyroid.


Fluoride put in drinking water and food by Nazis to make concentration camp inmates docile and apathetic; fluoride experiments on inmates written up and documented; fluoride an integral part of Zyklon gas and nerve agents. It's all there in IBM-enumerated files, you don't even need Freedom of Info access and yet the fluoride pushers deny this happened.

The first fluoridated cities, Grand Rapids, Newburgh, Brantford, experienced large increases in heart disease, thyroid disease, goiter, diabetes, cancer cases and cancer mortality within five years.

Fluoride pushers say there was a 50% decrease in cavities but the data show that there were 50% fewer teeth to get cavities.

Vitamin C deficiency common in people with severe asthma

146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health http://augmentinforce.50webs.com/146%20Reasons%20Why%20Sugar%20Is%20Ruining%20Your%20Health.htm

I will make no subscription to their paradise.
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Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Fuoride in the water~   Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:09 am

This is all sadly true. Dumping the by-product of aluminium smelting into our drinking water. Public awareness is growing on this issue but not enough!

I use a reverse osmosis distiller to remove fluoride and other toxins from tap water. Im still faced with the problem of bathing/showering in this toxic stuff.

The best option might be to live by a mountain spring but there are none here! Crying or Very sad 

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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Re: Fluoride pushers   Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:14 am

Alas, Green Man, mountain springs - indeed any springs - will avail you not.

Precipitation - rainfall - occurs only because water vapour condenses around particulate matter in the atmosphere and then falls as rain. If there were no particulate materials there could be no rain. Particulate matter was, before large scale industry, the usual dust of inorganic particles found on any volcanically dynamic planet with an atmosphere. Nano particulate aluminium vapour from chemtrails is now a source of some of the indistrially produced particulate matter that water vapour condenses around in order to fall as rain.

When this falls it is already necessarily contaminated, and every thing that ever lived, reproduced and died goes into the land. That organic corpse residue is carried to the water table, streams, springs, lakes, rivers and so on. If you drink spring water then you may avoid chemical contamination by the water companies, but you will definitely consume the nitrogens and organophosphates put there by farmers, unburnt carbohydrons, factory fallout, and the dead bodies of countless trillions of animals great and small. Water creatures live, urinate and defecate, reproduce and die there.

Put a TDS meter (total dissolved solids) into spring water and see the amount of particulate content. Very high. Distilled water is 0.00 ppm and cannot conduct electricty. Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic reckons most, if not all, of the diseases originating in the gastrointestinal system are the result of non organic mionerals. They pass through the gut and enter the lymph system which discharges its contents into the bloodstream.

Get a distiller. It is the only sure method of removing 100% of contaminants, and the final charcoal filtre removes the the viruses and the chlorine volatiles which vaporise below water boiling temperatures. Watch "the Story of Water - bottled water versus filtred water versus distilled water" on youtube for full info. You can purchase a chlorine filtre for your shower head.

If an ignorant person, or an illuminati gremlin, tries to tell you that distilled water leeches minerals from the body then say that they are only the harmful, non organic minerals and you are glad they are going. Refer him or her to Dr. Mayo.

All organic life is negatively charged. Inorganic material is positively charged. Distilled water cannot bond to organics - being itself organic and negatively charged - and can only attach to inorganics. It is also slightly alkaline, about 7.2, and in an alkaline body disease cannot take hold. Foods that create acid conditions open the body to disease. Foods created by nature are alkaline for the most part. Foods created by man - orange carrots for example - are acidic.

Buy an ozonator. I ozonate everything I can that I eat and drink. It pulls out any pesticide and hormone residues that may be there - and even in organic foods they are there - it kills any, and I mean any, pathogens that may be lurking.
Ozonate a piece of meat in water and the white, plasticky residue that soon appears - even when dried - will not burn, or even char, under the constant flame of a gas lighter! I burned the lighter until it was to hot to hold and the stuff would not burn!

Kind regards, musashi.

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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Re: Fluoride pushers   Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:19 am

This just in from Namaste Magasine and my good friend Carl.

OpEdNews-Dec 24, 2013Share

Even certain tea brands promoted as healthy and sold in health food stores are no longer a sure bet, as some of these brands contain high levels of fluoride, ...

Many tea drinkers have believed their beverage of choice to be safer than other options such as soft drinks or sugary juice drinks, but this fantasy has been squelched by numerous recent studies reporting on the high levels of fluoride and pesticides found in tea. No longer is "just any tea" a safe choice. Even certain tea brands promoted as healthy and sold in health food stores are no longer a sure bet, as some of these brands contain high levels of fluoride, pesticides, GMOs and natural flavors which may not be the kind of "natural" you would knowingly ingest....

"Natural" Additives

What the actual ingredients are in "natural flavors" is usually proprietary information, so it can be very difficult if not impossible to discover what dangers may lurk under this label. Natural only means that the ingredient started out in nature. Arsenic and hydrochloric acid are two examples. The Code of Federal Regulations defines a "natural flavor" as a substance which is extracted from plant or animal matter. Natural flavor can legally contain natural occurring "glutamate" bi-products like MSG, an excitotoxin which can cause cell damage. By food industry definition, all MSG is naturally occurring.

Food Identity Theft presents a short list of some of the harmful ingredients hiding under the "natural" label." A few of the ingredients in teas which may simply be listed on the box as "natural flavorings" can include:

Castoreum, which is an extraction of the dried glands and secretions from a beaver's anus and is used in vanilla and raspberry flavorings.

An Indian tale of 'twisted' existence
Aljazeera.com-Dec 22, 2013Share
The reason: fluorosis, a crippling disease caused by the contamination of ground water by the chemical fluoride. A pipeline transporting the Krishna river water ...

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Join date : 2013-12-20

PostSubject: Fuoride in the water~ Ozonator and Distiller!   Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:32 pm

Thanks Musashi,

Some very interesting information much appreciated!

I have been distilling my water for a fair few years now, I feel better for it. I also put some natural colloidal minerals back into the water.
I have heard the story that distilled water leeches minerals from the body. I know people who drink it without remineralising and they are fine - bones not crumbling.

Yes,life for most humans is acidified and stressful, I try to add raw foods,seaweed,chinese herbs to my diet,I would like to avoid supermarkets completely in the future. Its always a shock to see people loading their trolleys with bottles of pepsi max with not a vegetable in sight! Alas these are the obedient feeders, sleepers and repeaters!

I have seen ozonators for sale, Im considering buying one, what should I look for when buying one? Iam going to look at some reviews when I get time. They seem to be popular in the USA

 Very Happy Kind regards

Deep Peace to You
Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.

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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Re: Fluoride pushers   Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:38 am

The ozonator I have is from Health First UK (www.healthfirst.com). Model A-90 with an input power of 15 watts, 220 volts/50 herz and with an ozone output of 400mg/hour. About £40, I think.
I ozonate food for 20 minutes and find this to be sufficient to remove pesticide and hormone residues.

They are becoming more widely used, because of people like us, and I suppose that until we can stop the food and water poison people poisoning food and water it is a good all round defence move.

Take ordinary, chemically and hormonally assisted vegetables and fruits and ozonate them - voila, organic veg at non organic prices. Even better when you have distilled water.

Wait until you try your first ozonated bath!!! When I did the Bob Beck Protocols back in January I also had my first ozonated bath. I was bouncing, man. My skin was like a brand new baby. Unbelievable.
As the good man Beck said "I feel so healthy I can't stand myself." Everywhere I went people said that I was radiating health. I am about to do the Protocols again - just a top up - and it is not possible to advise others too enthusiastically to do them as well. I have a friend in Wolverhampton who now makes the blood electrifiers and hands them out for free. He cured his Limes Disease, and a woman in Devon who borrowed mine is cured of the incurable Lupus.

Give my regards to Herne when you see Him. rendeer 

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PostSubject: Re: Fluoride pushers   

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Fluoride pushers
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