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 Hidden Dangers in Organic Foods

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PostSubject: Hidden Dangers in Organic Foods   Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:21 am

While we may congratulate ourselves on eating only organic foods purchased from good and reliable suppliers, I believe that there are hidden dangers and logic traps in doing so. Several reasons occur.

First, there is a legal process known as DERROGATION; organic food producers who cannot source a sufficient amount of organic seeds may use about 10% non organic seeds to make up the shortfall. They are not legally obliged to inform us of this and their products may still be labelled as organic. Whether these non organic seeds are GM varieties or just ordinary non organics is not determined. Supermarkets have told us that they cannot guarantee that products labelled organic are, in fact, organic, though they source the foods from organic producers. DERROGATION is one reason why.

Second, there are a number of chemicals which are banned in this country and may not be produced here or imported in their original, pure form. They are not banned in some other countries and some of these other countries export organic seeds to Britain. Some, at least, of these seeds are sprayed with these British-banned chemicals before export to Britain.

Both of these facts were exposed in the Mark Thomas Comedy Product series a few years ago, and included an interview with a delivery driver who was accidentally exposed to some of the cargo he was delivering to an organic farm. The farm workers, dressed in full protective suits and respirators, urged him to seek treatment but he became very ill before he could do so.

Third, and this is the mind trap, canned and bottled organic produce, which we might believe is safe, is processed and prepared in factories which use ordinary tap water from their mains supplier. In addition to the fluoride content there is the non organic mineral content which, according to Dr. Mayo of the Mayo Clinic, is responsible for many, if not most, of the diseases of the body suffered by man. Like the hidden fluoride content in our foods, non organic minerals may be concentrated by the evaporation of water during the cooking process. This evaporation is a distillation process and, when the steam escapes as pure water, the non organic mineral content is left behind just as it is in your distiller – if you have one.

I bought a distiller three weeks ago and was obliged to scrub it out after only about ten gallons had gone through it. I keep the silt in a small plastic jar about 50mm in diameter, allowing it to settle. Some of the material is still in suspension but there is already about 3mm of non organic filth at the bottom. After cleaning it out I was horrified to see that after only one gallon of water had been distilled there was already a heavy smear of silt in the chamber! This is what is in our tins of organic, healthy beans and other products. We don't see it because it is bonded into the sauce or other food in the tin or bottle. The pure water, distilled out in the cooking process, has escaped and left behind the non organic minerals in concentrated form. We may, therefore, be avoiding GM and pesticide covered foods with hormonal content, but we are still consuming heavily contaminated products and silting up our bodies when we buy our organic, pre-cooked foods.

It occurs to me as I write this rather gloomy article that a steam cooker may be a partial answer to this problem if we do not have access to distilled water. Steam, being nothing less than distilled water in vapour form, is used to cook the food and, as in the distilling process, almost all non organic material and pathogens would be left at the bottom of the pan where the contaminated, un-distilled water is. It's reasonable to suppose that this would prevent most of the unwanted materials in the water from entering our food. I would suggest that a large steamer, keeping the food away from the water could do the trick.

This would not be a complete answer, of course, because some viruses and non organic materials are volatiles – that is, that they survive the process of distillation and are carried away with the steam which precipitates back to water and they remain present. It is for this reason that a good distiller has a final, charcoal filter to remove them.

These volatiles include the nano particulate aluminium vapour in chem trails. These nano sized particulates, when breathed, pass through the intersinal cavity into the corpus callosum and poison both brain hemispheres. Distilled water, of course, magnetically attaches to non organic materials and flushes them from the body. Nasal flushing with distilled water, as in yoga techniques, may remove some of these.

If you have been kind enough to yourselves to purchase an ozonator, then you could ozonate the tap water before cooking. This would kill any pathogens, such as volatile viruses, which may be present. I ozonate just about everything I eat and drink.
You could also add, as I do, a small amount of colloidal silver to all your water which will kill all pathogens. It is so simple to make and as cheap as chips that you can be as profligate with it as you like. As Bob Beck showed us, you take a little nine volt battery, a couple of bits of flex, some pure silver (not sterling, as it  has impurities) and you can make colloidal all day long for a few pennies. The process takes minutes and produces the finest colloidal silver with a particle size down to 0.005 microns.

While I'm here pontificating I may as well mention concentrated juices. The natural distilled water in the fruits is removed in the country of origin and then replaced with mains supply water when it is reconstituted here in the factory. The corporate advantage is that one shipload is equal to hundreds of shiploads of pure juices. Quite a saving in cash terms, though it may be promoted as environmentally friendly inasmuch as it reduces “food miles.”
And you do want to help save the environment, don't you?

Kind regards, Musashi.
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Hidden Dangers in Organic Foods
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