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 Bob Becks Brain Tuner

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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Bob Becks Brain Tuner   Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:20 am

Greetings, brothers and sisters. I appear today as valedictorian for the late Dr. Robert becks' neuro-electric therapy.

I write in praise of the Bob Becks Brain Tuner – also known as the Bio Tuner – which I have been using for about two weeks. I have had chronic post traumatic stress disorder for 17 years and, despite a drawerful of assessments by the highly paid, respected allopathic practitioners who have done not one thing to allay symptoms or cure the disorder. I was given and, since I was a medical moron with zero knowledge, took, PROZAC.

I was not very hopeful about this Big Pharma chemical drug when I read the long list of side effects which may be experienced. That list comprised almost every symptom I was already experiencing; suicidal thoughts, insomnia, depression, memory loss, absent mindedness and memory dysfunction, deep anxiety, and much more.

I drew up a list of symptoms that were bothering me at the request of my GP. There were 32 serious symptoms many of which, individually, needed to be looked at – and weren't. I was offered the all embracing, all powerful and wonderful PROZAC. I gave it up after four weeks, being very badly affected physically by it. I continued to live the nightmare despite many times asking for help.

One day my good friend and fellow sufferer, Mike (Sapper) told me about Bob becks. Naturally, because of the state I was in, it took several years before I could take any of it on board or even remember it long enough to do something about it. Two weeks ago I finally got round to buying a Brain Tuner. Within two or three days my long standing and total nightmarish sleep disorder cleared up.

Previously, I would sleep mornings, or evenings, or not at all, or too long or too little. It was always broken sleep, no dreams, no true rest and always took several hours to be fully awake and able to talk or deal with absolutely anyone before I drank at least three cups of tea and had a couple of smokes. Even then I was Mr. Grumpy. I hated myself, the world and everything in it, and suicidal thoughts were a constant companion. It isn't that I wanted to die – I just wanted all the bad stuff to stop. It was an all day, every day, worst kind of living nightmare. It destroyed my marriage, work, career, friendships and stripped me of all wealth while reducing my capacity to replace it. I had 25 addresses in 15 years, lost a three bedroom house which I owned outright and a 2 bedroom fully fitted cabin I had built in the woods of Kinross, and could not settle in any of them. Indecision and the lack of decision making abilities soon led to homelessness, social isolation and poverty.

The sleep disorder had a knock on effect on food intake (nutritional deficiency creates depression as well as purely physical problems) as well as my ability to work at almost anything. My decision making abilities were so compromised that I could not make even the simplest decision.

To cut a long story short, since using the Brain Tuner twice a day for 40 minutes each session, my sleep is regularised, dreams are slowly becoming stronger and more memorable. I feel rested and when I get up, usually around seven o' clock, I am awake, friendly, chatty and do not need multiple cups of teas and smokes before I can deal with anything or anyone. My life is come back to me in the best possible way. I am even listening to music again, after developing a violent hatred and intolerance for it.

The Brain Tuner claims to be a cure for any stress related affliction such as anxiety, depression, addiction and more. Sounds like a snake oil charm for sale, doesn't it? I believe it, based on my ongoing experience with it. Others are also using it and report much the same effects to a greater or lesser degree.

The story here, then, is that if you are like me – ptsd'd to hell and back – or have addictions to deal with, anxiety, depression and so forth, you are strongly recommended to acquire the use of a Brain Tuner for a few weeks. Other people, fortunate enough to be well and whole, find a beneficial use of it also.

There are also a number of Becks videos on youtube which I can recommend, and others by MD's and alternative healers who swear by it.

I am currently waiting for the arrival of his Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser which will be passed around a number of people I know who will benefit from it. The Blood Electrifier has a record of curing AIDS, HERPES, HEPATITUS, EPSTEIN BARRS, LUPIS and many more so-called incurable diseases. The Pulser clears out the lymph system where hibernating and dormant pathogens lurk to reappear later.

The 1939 Cancer Act makes it an offence to claim that cancer can be cured. Only a registered doctor may say that and, as every doctor is trained in the ways of the medical cartels, a doctor is unlikely to say as much. Well, being as I do not care for our current criminal cartel government and their criminally inspired statute law, I believe it when it is said that the Blood Electrifier cures cancer.


While I am currently and almost always physically well and rarely, very, very rarely, get even a common cold, I believe that this BLOOD ELECTRIFIER will be vital in the near future. The reason is the long list of government created viruses – such as AIDS – which are yet to be released as part of their population cull and control. With this device we will be absolutely immune to any and all viruses they release.

When my good brother, Prajna, completes his research and writes his blog on HELA CELLS - LATERAL GENE TRANSFER, you will see with frightening clarity the absolute necessity for this device. If you have had any vaccine – absolutely any – then you are carrying the immortal HELA cancer cells which Prajna has discovered and is researching. He has read a little to me and I can tell you that this is the scariest shit ever!

The write up will, I assume, be posted on his and Kazz's TomboyPink website. It must also be posted here. Thank you brother Prajna.

I say again, this is the scariest shit ever.


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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Re: Bob Becks Brain Tuner   Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:18 am

Hello again.
An update on the ongoing health jihad.

I've been using the blood electrifier for about a week and I have to say that I cannot remember feeling so physically good. I feel like a man who has been overpacked, tight and blocky and bulky who has had some of the overstuffing removed. I feel loose, flexible and have an almost intrusive feeling of physical wellbeing. I train every day with sword and staff so I am fairly flexy and active to begin with. Since starting with the electrifier that feeling of being active and flexy has actually increased. As Bob Becks said one time "I'm so healthy I can't stand myself!" that's just about how I feel right now.

The blood electrifier also has a colloidal silver making option and I take a littlr most days. Half a teaspoon held under the tongue for a couple of minutes is one of the best ways to take it.

I''ve been using the magnetic pulser to tackle the pathogens and parasites lurking in the lymph system and all is well. I found that the pulser, with the Jungle Juice mix mentioned here, was just about enough in its own right to destroy that terrible mutating flu that was going about for several months. I gave a friend a session, just one, with the pulsar, and a pint of Jungle Juice. Within twenty minutes he went from laid out moaning on the couch to doing complicated and demanding computer work. Before that he could barely be bothered by anything and just wanted to lie there and ache.

Just had my ozonizer delivered and am drinking freshly ozonated water as well as using it on my food and in the air. Wow!

I also drink, each day, a Jungle Juice mix put together by Mike Sapper. Half a teaspoon of Vitamin C (acorbic acid), a sprinkle of bi carbonate of soda, a splash of apple cider vinegar, seven drops of idoine and topped up with freshly ozonated reverse osmosis water. You would not believe how incredible that is. It's like a big line of coke, or whizz, without the nasty side effects. When I eat my porridge in the mornings I always feel invigorated. The Jungle Juice has a similar effect.

I still use the bio tuner and must say that it is a pleasure to wake in the morning now. I still drink several cups of tea but from pleasure and not necessity. Whhen I wake - I am awake! I am listening to music regularly, sleep well for the most part, do not suffer depression or many of the other symptoms of ptsd. My appetite has returned and I eat well again. Even putting a bit of weight back on, which is good.

All in all I am eternally grateful to my good friend Mike Sapper for his Persistence in reminding me of the Protocols and for introducing me to them in the first place. He has also travelled a huge number of miles to get others informed on these vital health issues, and he frequently spends lots of his own money to provide these items for others. I can only pass on the good news to others and encourage them to use the protocols. Get well and, as Bob said "TAKE BACK YOUR POWER".

Your good health, my friends.

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Join date : 2012-12-11
Location : here

PostSubject: Re: Bob Becks Brain Tuner   Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:57 pm

Good morning fellow inmates.
Today is a good day to fly the flag again. I continue to experience elevated feelings of wellbeing and the protocols have fitted very neatly into my daily life. I continue to feel almost embarassingly good in my physical self. Mentally/emotionally/psychologically I feel balanced and mostly at peace with myself. Those things - and there were many - which drove me into a raging fury at the drop of a hat are seen now for what they are - minor irritations at worst, and a reason to laugh at myself at best.

The 'problems' I have to deal with now are not the PTSD associated ones, but the number of coping mechanism I put into place to allow me to live a semblance of life. Some of these have become OCD's in their own right and need to be dealt with. There are also fixed responses to certain stimuli which have to be addressed. For example, not being able to make a decision led me to reject and avoid all decision making situations. I find myself doing this still, when there is no need for it anymore. I find myself turning down invitations, or getting worried about accepting them. I did this in the past because I did not know what kind of state I would be in when the day captsdme around to attend the party or the meeting or whatever the invite was about. If I accepted an invitation to do something three days from now, I would be in a three day bad dream of worry and anxiety until the day arrived.

Just as I am at my best when studying, I am tailor made and custom built for self examination, discovery and the will to action and change. The challenges I face regarding the detritus of PTSD are welcome and are as nothing compared to the daily nightmare of living with chronic PTSD and trying to find a reason and a way to go on. Anyway, most of the OCD's are to do with food, hygene and the like. They're good OCD's!

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PostSubject: Re: Bob Becks Brain Tuner   

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Bob Becks Brain Tuner
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